Hans Peter Wörndl / students of Tulane School of Architecture


25 Mantuano street, Madrid


Support: Austrian Cultural Forum Madrid

As part of our exploration of alternative channels of art distribution and critique of the museum as an institution, the Ojo Atómico collaborated with the Austrian architect Hans Peter Wörndl in developing an infrastructure model for an art exhibit that would be portable and low-cost, in response to the establishment of several large museums. The Micromuseums of this exhibition were the result of a workshop that Wörndl gave at the Tulane School of Architecture in New Orleans.

The objective was to create an apparatus that would allow us to develop art programs in rural or suburban territories, based on a horizontal relationship with potential publics. Tomás Ruiz-Rivas later received a grant from Artium, the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, to carry out a theoretical investigation into the Micromuseum. The results of this

Images: left up to right :

POP UP de Ellen Campbell y Robert Maddox / MOON FLOWER MUSEUM de A J Finn / PUSHSH de Sungpil Won / SHADOW IN A BOX de James Stamp / UNFOLD IT de Koby Sackey / CLOUD BERROCAL de Jane Ehinger y Paul Lidste / COMETA-CINEMA de José Casiano / E-SCAPE de Harold Moninger / BULL BOARD de Emily Hyden / UM-BREL-LA de Christine Ross