25 Mantuano street, Madrid


Artists: Gizon Galdua, Philippe Meste, Annie M. Sprinkle / Elizabeth M. Stephens / Sheila Malone, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Carlos Ranc, María María Acha-Kutscher / Theda Acha.

Curator: Tomás Ruiz-Rivas.

Support: Área de las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Collaboration: Escena Contemporánea.

The second edition of Love Party included works on gender, (trans)sexuality and representations of romance in contemporary society. The exhibition was staged in a set representing an apartment. The art works were inserted into the different rooms.

Gizon Galdua



The work questions what lies behind the sex ads we often see in newspapers and explores the question of public and private—a topic of great interest in a world where the media's invasion of privacy and the proliferation of reality shows, web cams, etc. turn us all into passive.

Philippe Meste


P. Meste presented his project entitled Spermcube. The intention here was to gather one cubic meter of frozen HUMAN sperm preserved in a transparent refrigerated cube. This was an international collective project, open to the participation of anyone interested, presented in collaboration with the collective No Me Compliques La Vida. A donation center was set up in the kitchen.

Annie M. Sprinkle y Elizabeth M. Stephens


A video installation about the love that forms part of Love Art Laboratory, a seven-year project in which the two artists explore love as a work of art. Each year is based on the theme and color of a chakra, and begins with a wedding. Throughout the year, Stephens and Sprinkle work on multidisciplinary projects. The year 2004–2005 corresponded to the color red, and focused on security. In the performance X-Treme Kiss, two women give each other long kisses in different ways. In the version of the video presented here, they have both shaved all their hair off, and removed all their makeup and clothing, so all that remains is the comings and goings of a one-hour kiss.

Three monitors were installed as three open windows in the wall of the living room.

Annie M. Sprinkle

Co-director Sheila Malone


A documentary that includes interviews with experts on orgasms, interspersed with film clips, sexual imagery and special effects. After watching this colorful, educational, perhaps provocative and at times sexy movie, viewers will surely see their own orgasms in a new light.

Annie M. Sprinkle


The best (and worst) clips from dozens of the 150+ films that Annie Sprinkle has made from 1973 until the present. Presented by herself through an irreverent and humorous story..

Both videos were available in a television in the bedroom.

Carlos Ranc

Fellatio and Hairy series

Ranc's work reflects an interest in linking private space with the exogenous. Utilizing a diversity of materials, the artist combines architecture and design to draw attention to decorative devices which, when applied to the household space, are able to transform the limits of the images' settings in such a way as to recontextualize them. These images may come from a real or virtual setting, and are manipulated by the artist in order to generate a reflection on the different relationships that we establish with public and private space.

Living room and bedroom were wallpapered with the series.

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries


View Net Poem
This Korean collective works with animated texts set to music which they post on their website. For this show, we selected one that parodies the jingoistic discourses of the North Korean totalitarian regime, presenting the North Korean man's skill at oral sex as one of the greatest achievements of socialism.

The work was exposed in a computer in the living room.

María María Acha-Kutscher


Photos by María María Acha-Kutscher and Theda Acha

A series of photographs of women pretending to urinate in the uncomfortable setting of a public restroom. Bathrooms deals with a situation that requires different behavior from men and women, based on the premise that gender is not merely a biological reality but also a cultural issue that molds our bodies through behavior: men urinate standing up and their behavior in public washrooms is always the same, free of any conflict with the setting, while women are faced with a situation where they perceive themselves as comical or ridiculous. The project was open to public participation on the day of the opening.

A lifesize picture was hanged in the bathroom .