25 Mantuano street, Madrid


Artists: María María Acha-Kutscher, Discoteca Flaming Star, Lardíes / Bandín.

Curator: Tomás Ruiz-Rivas.

Support: Goethe Institut Madrid.

Love Party is a celebration of life and liberty: an exhibition designed as a party, with the intention of recovering sexuality as a space of conflict in the individual's negotiation with society.
Three performances, a selection of websites and five porno-romantic videos complete the program for the first edition of Love Party.

Discoteca Flaming Star

A Berlin collective made up of Cristina G. Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer. In their performances, they act as a rock group, covering well-known songs. But they have no musical training and their versions, which have been known to go on for hours, function as deconstructions of pop-rock. A Lili Marleen cover was done entirely in Arabic.

Lardíes / Bandín

Argentinean artists residing then in Madrid. They produce fotonovelas about love in its most extreme and devastating expressions. The fotonovelas are presented in sequences of animated slides using an intentionally crude system, consisting of covering and uncovering the projector's lens with one hand. Approximate duration: ten minutes.

María María Acha-Kutscher


Acha-Kutscher' project for Love Party 1 is a tarot deck called Love Cards. She designed the deck, and during the performance sessions, the artist reads the cards of anyone in the public that wishes. Undetermined duration.