Javier Pérez Aranda


25 Mantuano street, Madrid


Antimuseo closed the art in space Mantuano street in 2007, due to a growing political conflict with the city council of Madrid. It became necessary to remove the installation by Javier Perez Aranda and Luis Gil Storage in Atomic Eye's attic of discarded materials because of the necessary clearing of workshop's space, remaining since 2005. Javier Perez Aranda was invited to transform the local’s vacation into a new project.
The artist organized an event in which the closing party guests would participate in the transformation of stored materials into a sculpture, later left on the street, in a corner appointed by the city council as place to throw away large garbage, like home appliances and furniture.
The performance was an allegory to the treatment by the city council to Antimuseo, whose legacy became garbage. Due to its large size, the special service for big garbage collection could not remove the sculpture, who spent more than a week in public space.