Mexico 1998





SEMEFO, Manuel Rocha, Cristina Lucas, Enrique Jezik, Manuel Ludeña, Verena Grimm, Javier Pérez Aranda, Pedro Reyes y Francisco López

Curator: Tomás Ruiz-Rivas

Interventions made by nine artists, each in a different domestic space located at Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City.

Embassy of Spain in México, Instituto de Cooperación Española, Hewlett Packard, Instituto de Cultura de la Ciudad de México, Smurfit cartón y papel de México, Estafeta, Control Bureau and Web Statregies

Seat upholstered with viscera
Semefo collective taned viscera from different animals with taxidermia products, hiring later a furnisher to upholster the seat with them.

Enrique Jezik
No title
Jezik builds a false ceiling at the exact height of the house's occupant, annulling the space through which he cannot circulate. The elements above this height: doors, curtains, shelves, paintings, are partly hidden in the dead zone.

Pedro Reyes
Un compacto intento
de contener la confusión
de mi vida

Serie de fotografías que muestra el desarrollo espontáneo de un proceso de creación en el vestíbulo de un departamento.

Manuel Rocha
Meta-Sonorous methapores
ina a meta-domestic space

The artist develops a sound piece with elements of the sonorous environment of the apartment's inhabitants, nearby stores, a coffee shop, the drugstore, etc., following an aleatory method. Two loudspeakers located on a window return the processed sound to its place of origin.

Manuel Ludeña
Temporary construction in a living room
Ludeña subtracts part of a house's space by means of a building, similar to the light huts at the constructions. The door remains shut with a lock whose key is held by the artist.

Javier Pérez Aranda
Paintings as storage structure
The artist creates storage structures behind the paintings that decorate the apartment. The paintings, reinforced on the back, hung at an angle from the wall, and in the resulting space shelves were placed. The artist filled the shelves with objects from the house, selected according to the space available.


Cristina Lucas
180º Turn
Inversion of a table's position, preserving its functionality.

Verena Grimm
Sin título
Proyección de un vídeo sobre un espejo curvo, situado en la escalera de la casa. El vídeo trataba sobre las particularidades y manías de la dueña de la casa.

Francisco López
Acusmatic Room #3
The series of acousmatic rooms (Madrid, Rotterdam and Mexico City) explores a form of hyper-acousmatism by means of hiding the sources of sound and any mechanist and explanatory aspects related to the sonorous matter. This defines the completely dark and closed space of a chamber of variable form, substituting the usual fixed dimensions that are visually defined.