International Performance Festivals


67 Sanchez Pacheco street. Madrid


The International Performance Festivals took place in 1991, 1992 and 1993 in three different venues: the first in Espacio P, the second in the autonomous Okuppied Minuesa Social Center, and the third at the Atomic Eye. They originated in the Valgame Dios street space started by the artist and curator Nieves Correa, a space which later closed and was moved to Pedro Garhel’s "P Space".

We were working with minimal resources, but there was overwhelming response from both artists and public. There was no preselection of works, except in terms of material limitations, and for the second Festival, many of the proposals were for objectual works, leading us to coin the acronym FIARP—whose meaning (International Festival of Strange Art and Performance) was kept more or less a secret—and to organize a specific section which in the third festival, took the form of the call for submissions of KIT installations.

The Festivals’ importance lay in the fact that they created a strong sense of artistic community. Their absolutely marginal nature, their creative liberty, the intense and broad social base, the participation of dozens of volunteers… all were decisive in the conception and development of the Atomic Eye. However, the non-selection principle resulted in the model’s rapid attrition, and with such a variegated mix of tendencies, premises and standards of quality, the Festival might not have survived a fourth edition.